Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our HOUSE!!!

Here is breaking ground on our house Aug 13. We were pretty excited to finally get started. We had been waiting for this day for a long time. Ready... Set... GO!
Putting up trusses.
Putting on the siding, windows and doors cut out. We are unloading tile and exterior doors.
RED yes that is right, as of yesterday Sept 13th, one month, Jeff Weaver, (my brother in law) here we are... siding painted RED, the windows and doors will be trimmed a prairie grass color, kind of gray/cream. I really like the color and very excited with the progress.
Here Jeff and his worker are putting on the roof. It is a tan color. Again, I am happy with the way the colors are coming together. The inside, all framed, plumbing and electrical finished. The next step is insulation, drywall, paint, tile, all the finish work. I have no idea when we will be in, maybe the new year, I don't know... we are not planning, just when Jeff says, all done, hands us the key we will move in. The septic and well have been ordered, we are on the waiting list.

Colby, Casen and Cord

Here are some pictures of the boys this summer. They are both happy kids. They really like to play with each other and be in each others space. Casen wants to do everything Colby does and he tries. Colby gets tired of him always being right in the rode. haha They are fun and like to keep me busy. They both can not get enough of their daddy and follow him every where he goes. It is sure fun to watch.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Our little COWBOY

Here is our little cowboy, we went to the mountains to help Cord move the cows and once we got him on the horse we had a heck of a time getting him to get off. He wants to go with Cord everyday and everywhere he goes. This is Speedy, but he has his own horse named Boone. Colby is getting big quickly and loves to be outside. He is our little COWBOY.

Pops and Vovo

Pops and Vovo with about 1/2 of their grandkids. Lots and lots of little babies. We sure love everyone of them. We missed the rest of the cousins. I know that Pops and Vovo love all the kiddos, and all the kiddos love Pops and Vovo!! In this picture we have Chas ' 3 kids, Trina's 3 kids , Mandy's 2 kids and Keeton's 2 kids. It was sure a big party.

Splashn' around

We went to Jared and Gina's along with Chas and Teija. We all went swimming and we had a "splash". Casen's first swimming and Colby likes the water but he is still getting used to it... it is not his favorite. Thank you Hutchins family for the GREAT time... we loved hanging out.